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Editors' Blog

Congratulations to all our winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered this year's Children's Eyes On Earth Contest – your photographs were all amazing!

Go green!


Secondary schools in the middle-eastern country of Azerbaijan will soon be visited by green beings emerging from green vehicles... but we're not talking about aliens from outer space...

Hope for the Tasmanian devil


If you thought the Tasmanian devil was an imaginary spooky creature or a crazy cartoon character - remember Taz?! - then think again!

Stand up for our oceans!


Over 70% of our planet is covered by the ocean and – even if you live in a country which isn't surrounded by water – we all depend on the sea for survival.

A very curious cat


The world’s first liliger cub has been born in Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. The cub, called Kiara, is a very special cat, as her father is an African lion and her mother is a liger (a cross between a lion and tiger).

Save the badger!


Badgers are short legged animals in the weasel family found mainly in North America, Ireland and Great Britain. They are one of the most popular animals in the UK with around 250,000 adult badgers.

The river that runs red


A river in China known as the "Golden Watercourse" has suddenly turned bright red!

You choose your winner!


Thank you to everyone who entered the Children’s Eyes On Earth contest! We had over 4,000 amazing images sent to us from over 90 different countries. Wow!

The Big Butterfly Count


How many butterflies did you see this summer? These fluttering beauties help to pollinate other plants and act as a food source for other animals, so they play an important role.

A great IDEA


What did you get up to in your summer holiday? 50 lucky pupils in the country of Azerbaijan attended a summer school organised by IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action)