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Editors' Blog

Save the rainforest


Did you know the world’s rainforests aren’t just amazing habitats and home to incredible trees, plants, animals and indigenous people – they also make a BIG difference to the weather.

Hurry hurry!


There are still a few more days for your chance to enter the contest. We've had some amazing photos of both nature and pollution entered so far.

London breathes cleaner air for the Olympics


Scientists say London may have had cleaner air than usual for athletes at the Olympics and Paralympics. Now that’s a breath of fresh air to hear!

Reza reveals his photography secrets


Earlier this month, Reza told Children's Eyes On Earth Chief Editor, Lauren, all about his passion for photography, his early life in Iran and what made him decide to become a photographer, or "teller of stories".

Time to protect the penguins?


Imagine snoozy seals basking on white beaches, koalas dozing in the lofty eucalyptus trees and penguins splashing in the ocean... no this isn’t a dream

A greener future


Pollution from cars that run on petrol harms the natural environment, so Children’s Eyes On Earth is happy to hear that motorists of the future could soon be filling up their tanks with fuel made from algae and other plants instead!

Africa’s top dogs


When you think of Africa’s top predators, what do you picture? Maybe a lion prowling on the plain, or a cheetah zooming after its prey? These awesome big cats have become symbols of the wild continent, but don’t forget the canines! 

Ocean wonder


Brazilian photographer Daniel Botelho snapped this amazing picture of a sunfish (also known as a mola mola), swimming off shore near San Diego two years ago, during an expedition to capture images of blue whales.

Rare bird breaks free!


It’s not every day you see a rare scarlet ibis flying around town, but one of the brightly-coloured birds escaped from its home at Edinburgh Zoo last week and was seen soaring above the streets of Scotland!

Quick, dash, volcanic ash!


Watch out if you live close to Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador, South America.

Tungurahua, which means ‘throat of fire’ in the local Quechua language, has been active since 1999, but recent more aggressive activity has prompted experts to raise the risk from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’, as the volcano has started spewing molten rock, ash and lava into the air.