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The Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count

Marbled White Butterfly.  Image from: Neil Hulme 


How many butterflies did you see this summer? These fluttering beauties help to pollinate other plants and act as a food source for other animals, so they play an important role. 


But observations made by over 250,000 people who took part in the UK’s Big Butterfly Count this summer show that, sadly, butterfly numbers have fallen. 


Butterflies don’t enjoy the wet weather, as it makes it more difficult for caterpillars to grow into butterflies and threatens future generations. This isn’t good news for our fluttering friends, who saw the UK’s wettest summer for 100 years, so work needs to be done to help numbers to grow in the future.


See the results of the Butterfly Conservation survey here and find out how you can help ensure the survival of our winged wonders!


Did you know?

Some species of butterfly like the Red Admiral love to feed on rotting fruit and animal dung. Yum!