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Stand up for our oceans!

Stand up for our oceans!

Image from: Mission Blue. Cousteau(c)BrianLam 

Over 70% of our planet is covered by the ocean and – even if you live in a country which isn't surrounded by water – we all depend on the sea for survival. Not only does 50-70% of the oxygen in the air we breathe come from the ocean, it also absorbs carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases known to increase global warming) and holds 97% of the world's water!

But although us humans need the ocean, we're not taking care of it – and our seas are in trouble. Over 90% of the oceans big fish like swordfish, tuna, cod and flounder are now gone because of over-fishing and harmful fishing methods. Many coral reefs have died because of pollution or rises in sea temperatures as our planet heats up, and discarded plastic litters our oceans, harming the marine life.

Luckily for our oceans and the amazing animals like dolphins, sharks and whales that live in them, organisations like Mission Blue  are working to protect the world's seas and to educate people about what's hapening under the waves.


Founder of Mission Blue, Sylvia Earle, is also an Ambassador for Children's Eyes On Earth and a National Geographic explorer, and she has spent hundreds – maybe even thousands! – of hours under the sea, studying this incredible environment and its animals. Some of her invaluable work has taken place at the Aquarius Reef Base - an incredible underwater marine laboratory which lies almost 20 metres down in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in the USA. 


This unique laboratory allows marine scientists to study the ocean and creatures that live there, so they can learn more about the threats our oceans are facing and how we can protect them in the future. But sadly, due to a lack of funding, Aquarius may have to close, meaning that many of the scientists' studies will have to end.


You can help to ensure that ambassadors for the ocean like Sylvia can continue to research the wonders of our seas for many years to come, by joining the One World One Ocean campaign and signing the petition to save Aquarius here.


"We know more about space than we do our oceans, even though the oceans sustain all life on our planet. By making undersea exploration and research a priority, we can learn what we need to know to protect the oceans", says Sylvia. 


What we do to our oceans in the next 10 years will make a difference for the next 10,000 years, so sign up and stand up for the oceans today!


Did you know?


Scientists working in the underwater laboratory can sometimes stay there for up to 14 days!