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A very curious cat

A very curious cat



The worlds first liliger cub has been born in Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. The cub, called Kiara, is a very special cat, as her father is an African lion and her mother is a liger (a cross between a lion and tiger). 


But although she's one cute cub, wildlife conservation groups are concerned about cross-breeding animals like lions and tigers to create new species of cats like Kiara. Her parents would never have met naturally and mated in the wild, as there are no tigers in Africa, and for two different species, inter-breeding would be very unusual. 


Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, explains, "Cross-breeding these cats isn't a responsible thing to do. Sadly, many animals would have suffered so that this one rare cat could exist." 


So while creating cats like Kiara may not be a good idea, now that she's here, let's hope she has a purr-fectly long and happy life.


Did you know?

People have bred a horse with a zebra to create a zorse, and a donkey with a zebra to creat a zonkey!