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You choose your winner!

You choose your winner!

Copyright: Nicholas Morreau / Children's Eyes On Earth 2012 

Thank you to everyone who entered the Children’s Eyes On Earth contest! We had over 4,000 amazing images sent to us from over 90 different countries. Wow!


The contest is now closed for entries, but it’s not over! Now it’s YOUR turn to judge the photos. Check out the 50 fantastic images selected for the Public Vote here and you can rate your favourites. 


Don’t forget the winner of the Your Choice prize will receive an SLR camera, a photo printer and a trip to Azerbaijan to have a workshop with National Geographic photographer, REZA and take part in the Children's Eyes On Earth Exhibition and Festival!


Get voting, gang!


Остапенко Марина's picture

Скажите, пожалуйста, есть ли шанс занять какое-то место, если мои фотографии не попали в "50 фантастических"?

Yll's picture

Tell me, please, is there a chance to get a place, if my pictures are not included in the "fantastic 50"?

Simone555's picture

I think that the fantastic 50 is only for the public vote (the 4th place). So maybe you can win in the 3 others category.

admin's picture

Yes Simone555 is right. These 50 shortisted photos are for the public vote. Another selection is under way for the main jury who will select the 3 first winners. But note, some of the public shortlist will also be in the jury shortlist.
Good luck for everyone!!

Остапенко Марина's picture

Спасибо! Тогда, скажите, а как отбирались эти 50 работ?