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I Love Nature and I Hate Pollution

I love taking photo of flowers and animals because they are very colorful and looks good in photograph. I want to share these nice photos to everyone so they can also appreciate the things my camera can capture. I also like taking photos of bad stuffs I see in our environment including pollution. I want to share these photos so people will be aware of the bad things happening to our environment and with that they will start caring for it. The Flower and The Frog This photo was taken in our backyard when my father was teaching me how to make the background look great. I took this shot and I am very pleased with the result. This will be a good wall paper in my desktop. A Dying Tree in Polluted Waters This photo was taken during our visit to the province. Because pollution in the water and also because of the very hot weather condition, this once beautiful tree is slowly dying and will soon turn to driftwood.