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What you are trying to show in your photograph? Why is it interesting and what will others learn from it?

Nature's Hot Shots by National Geographic Photographers

Humpback whale, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific Ocean

The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago of 176 islands in the Pacific Ocean and every year they are visited by some of the most incredible creatures in the sea – humpback whales.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Botelho

An explosion of life, Botswana

From the air, you can see the patterns in the wet sand... marks that will dry into the desert like chisel hits into stone.

Photo courtesy of Beverly Joubert.

Orangutan, Borneo

Mattias took this photograph of young orangutan, Sambi, at the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Central Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. Photo courtesy of Mattias Klum

White-backed vultures, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Soft light doesn’t change the fact that these vultures are fighting over the spoils of a 10-day old carcass. Photo courtesy of Beverly Joubert.

Asian elephant, Andaman Islands, Indian Ocean

In the past, Rajan the Asian elephant was used as a water taxi, swimming with heavy goods on his back for many kilometres, around these islands in the Indian Ocean.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Botelho

Marine iguana, Galapagos

These unique marine reptiles are only found on the Galapagos islands, which lie off the coast of Ecuador in South America. They forage for food beneath the sea, gnawing the rocks covered in nutrient-rich algae.
Photo courtesy of Mattias Klum

Meerkats, Botswana 

Always alert, watching for eagles above while investigating the desert floor for signs of scorpions to eat... or in this case, a photographer to use as high ground!

Photo courtesy of Beverly Joubert.

Clownfish, New Guinea

The cute, curious clownfish lives in the sheltered reefs and lagoons of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, nestled among the poisonous tentacles of sea anemones, which protect the fish (which are immune to the poison) from would-be predators.

Photo courtesy of Mattias Klum

Lioness and cubs, Botswana

Every cub is born with the ability to be cute. It melts their mother's heart and keeps them safe. Photo courtesy of Beverly Joubert.


Congratulations to all our winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this year's Children's Eyes On Earth Contest – your photographs were all amazing!